Memory Quilts

Let me help you preserve your or your loved ones memories with a heirloom quality quilt! A quilt made with your t shirts is something that you can have forever, all of your t shirts are in one cozy place and you freed up some storage space from the shirts you are no longer wearing, but need to hold on to.

Each of my quilts is fully quilted edge to edge with a layer of cotton batting between so that it is indeed a full quilt and not a blanket. I use the graphic on the shirt (and if there is no graphic, varying sizes cut from the clothing) to make a mosaic pattern out of the shirts. This gives a more interesting feel to the quilt instead of all 12 inch squares.

The quilt takes about 16-20 shirts, depending on the size of graphic and if there is print on both the front and the back. If you have slightly more or slightly less, I can work with you since they are fully custom to make sure it is big enough! If I use less, there may be some solid knit shirt spaces balanced throughout the quilt to add length.

I use high quality 100% cotton materials to make a quality item that can be heavily used, loved and washed for many many many years! They are full size (apx 70×80), and are $385. At this time, I cannot make true king size quilts due to space restrictions with my machine.

When you are ready, send me a message letting me know you want a memory quilt and what color backing you want, and I’ll give you the address to ship your shirts to me. I typically have about a 3-6 week turnaround time. When it is complete, I ship the quilt back out to you at no extra charge in the continental US.

As always, if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask!!


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