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  • Pressing Perfection: 4 Must Have Pressing Tools

    Take your pressing to perfection by learning how a wool mat, quilters clapper, mist bottle and iron can leave you with perfect quilt seams.

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  • A Tangled Web We Weave…all about woven fabric

    Sewing with yarn dyed woven fabric is intimidating and mysterious for so many people, I was included in that category myself! I’m here to tell you today that it doesn’t have to be scary. With the majority of the Ruby Star Society Spring Sewalong choosing to make the swatch quilt in their yarn dyed wovens,…

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  • Classic Checkerboard Patchwork, but Make it Spring

    Doesn’t this quilt just scream spring time is on the way?! It makes me want to go our for a picnic amongst wildflowers in a shady, grassy meadow. When a client’s style and my own mesh together, it makes a wonderful collaboration. I had a gal reach out and want a quilt for her niece.…

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  • Well, Hello There!

    Well, Hello There!

    It’s been a while since I did one of these! People that have followed along my journey in the past decade remember when it was all about the blog post. For a while, the family needed me more than a blog needed me. Then I sort of got out of the habit. At one point…

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