Well, That Looks Like Halloween

It might feel like we had the world’s briefest summer and Halloween weather is in the air, but it’s not really time for Halloween. My newest quilt finish however is ready for it!

(Disclaimer: I am not wishing the summer away, I need that sunshine!)

This Alexander Henry Ghastly quilt was started last fall. It was a fun, dig through the scrap buckets and not think but just sew kind of quilt. Once Halloween was past, I got busy working on that year’s Christmas quilt and this one got put on the shelf.

I don’t like quilt tops hanging around on the shelf. I don’t like outstanding projects, but one thing after another, this spooky quilt was not high on the priority list. Until it was just time.

It’s not a very large quilt, I knew I wanted just some organic wavy lines and I already had the binding finished in my binding bin. So during a quick afternoon, I just got it finished and I’m so happy I took the time to move it to the finished pile.

So I wonder: am I really late for Halloween, am I really early, or am I accepting that witches are just year round characters here now?

Fabric: Alexander Henry Ghastly, various scrap basket prints and solids

Pattern: classic economy block

Quilting: organic free motion waves

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