Now I Feel Ready for Summer

I am so in love with my Swatch Quilt made for the Ruby Star Society Spring Sew Along. I went with the warp and weft line as was advertised because I just loved the look of these fabrics in this pattern! I went back and forth between purchasing a kit or going rouge and I ended up with a kit. It was such a fast make that I had the whole thing done super speedy quick!! Having a few of my new patterns in the works, it was nice to have a sewing project where I could let my mind roam and just sew.

Now that it’s finished, I’m so glad I went with what was in the kit. The woven fabrics are so unbelievably light and airy! When I’m snuggled under it, all I can think about is how perfect it’s going to be on warmer summer nights (because even if it’s 100 degrees outside I still need to be covered in a quilt!) This is going to be SO PERFECT for those warm summer nights!

With the very vertical pattern, I knew I wanted vertical straight lines that would compliment the quilt. I also wasn’t sure how it was going to quilt with the texture and consistency of the woven fabrics, so that was another guiding force into my straight line decision. Quilting straight lines isn’t my favorite to do, but sometimes its what the quilt needs.

When it came time to sew the binding on, I used a big stitch binding with Pearl Cotton in size 8. I don’t usually use big stitch binding, but something about the prints in this quilt just seemed like a big stitch binding situation to me. It’s never been a favorite look of mine, but I think on this quilt it just works.

When it was all finished, out of the dryer and all crinkled, my husband told me to add one of these onto my list so he can have his own. With the amount of quilts that we already have in this house, the fact that he wants his own warp and weft quilt just speaks volumes! Now I guess it’s time to order some more fabric!

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