Classic Checkerboard Patchwork, but Make it Spring

Doesn’t this quilt just scream spring time is on the way?! It makes me want to go our for a picnic amongst wildflowers in a shady, grassy meadow.

When a client’s style and my own mesh together, it makes a wonderful collaboration. I had a gal reach out and want a quilt for her niece. We we over some mock-ups, and fabric choices and patterns going back and forth until the pattern and fabric selection just clicked.

We wanted something basic, yet interesting. She really liked the ombre design of quilts and nothing too busy. Well, if that’s not the perfect recipe for a checkerboard patchwork quilt, I don’t know what is!

Another thing that made this quilt a dream is she was not afraid to go in for the good stuff. As we quilters all know, fabric bundles can be pretty pricey, but so worth they cost! Not everyone understands why quilts can be so expensive, but when there’s over $200 on fabric (not to mention the cotton batting also) there’s no choice but to consider it an investment. Hence why I call them heirloom quilts!

The new Emily Belle Liberty line lends itself so well for an ombre style quilt. I adore the small scale of the line drawn wildflowers. The colors are muted but vivid. So much to love about this quilt!!

The last little detail is just the icing on the cake! I love the sweet little hand embroidery of her name on the back. It adds to the handmade charm of a handmade quilt.

I think I might have to make a quilt with Emily Belle for myself. I’m not finished with this fabric quite yet!

Pattern: basic checkerboard square

Fabric: Liberty Emily Belle

Quilting: straight line quilting through the solids and stitch in the ditch all over

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